How Today’s Technology Has Changed Marketing

Personalisation And Targeting

Thanks to the continued advancements of e-commerce, businesses are able to dive deeper into consumers online habits and can target users based on what products they are most likely to buy. By targeting users into specific demographics and categories, e-commerce experiences are more relevant.


Tracking And Analytics

Due to technology allowing marketers to break down consumer activity online, it provides you with the opportunity to analyse where you may be lacking. For example, you may see that when consumers are looking at your website through a mobile device, your bounce rate increases and average ‘time on page’ decreases. This could highlight that your website is not optimised for mobile devices and is ruining the customer experience.

More Cost Effective

With digital marketing dominating campaigns and marketing strategies over traditional methods, marketers have the opportunity to raise their brand awareness and target customers in a few clicks and on a lower budget. Whereas traditional marketing campaigns through newspapers, TV adverts, radio commercials, etc, can limit who you are targeting and are much more expensive to run.


The Gift Of Social Media

With social media booming with users and with over 50 million businesses using social media platforms to advertise, sell and promote their products and service, it is a marketing dream. Social media allows for the advertisements of products and services to go live within seconds and businesses can build up a relationship with their consumers through effective communication on these platforms.