Website cookies, also known as web beacons, are small pieces of data that are transmitted from your computer in the form of small images to the computer’s screen. These data are transmitted each time you visit a website. This helps track visitors to your website so that you can provide more relevant content to them and also increase your chances of turning a potential customer into a regular client. By tracking who is visiting your website, the Internet marketing company or individual can target their advertising towards the right audience.

Types Of Analytics

There are different types of analytics for different purposes. There are tracking cookies used by the online gambling industry to determine how visitors to their gambling sites are navigating around the site. There are also analytics for online shopping that help the shop owners to see wat products and services they are popularly buying and selling.

Web analytics also helps the webmaster or administrator of social media pages to determine how the link popularity of the individual or page he is building. This data is then sent back to the owner or administrator. The major use of these cookies is to track the internet usage of a user or personal data. Most common types of social media websites use these kinds of cookies to keep track of the number of times that the user has visited the webpage.

These data are then sent back to the website owner or administrator. By collecting this information, the website owner can know which advertisements are working and which ones are not. Targeting advertising campaigns is much easier than trying to figure out which ads and keywords are working. By using website cookies, this is much easier to do. Also, they allow the administrators of the website to see how many unique visitors have come to their site, which helps them to know how successful the website is.

Data Privacy

Another type of analytics is the data privacy cookie. This data privacy feature is used by some of the more popular web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. These cookies will tell the administrator of the website, if the person who browsed the page ever visited another site using the same tracking program or cookie. Data privacy is a very important part of the website cookies because people do not want other people to know how they are tracking the web browsing habits of their visitors.

These are some of the different types of website cookies that are in use today. Most businesses and organizations will use them to keep track of the data that they collect from their customers. Some companies will use the data privacy tracking cookies to see how effective a marketing campaign is. Other uses for tracking cookies include keeping track of the performance of a website, the effectiveness of PPC advertising campaigns and an assortment of other uses. Overall to conclude it can be said that website cookies play a critical role in website analytics. They should always be well advertised and pointed out whenever a user visits a website so that they are made aware of this fact.