The Benefits of Using a Cine Film to DVD Service

Cine film to DVD


Converting your cine film to DVD lets you keep and preserve the cherished memories stored within. Cine to DVD transfers offer a reliable, fast and effective service to aid you in doing just that. 8mm film has a particularly formatted, individualized motion picture format. Cine transfers use advanced computer technology to convert this specific film format into DVDs that can be re-used, shared, and played by friends and family.

By using the Cine film to DVD service, you will save money on the cost of having a backup copy made and sent out to the film studios for duplication. This will also prevent any accidental or undiscovered film being accidentally destroyed. Instead, when a copy is created, it will be preserved by a professional transfer service in a climate-controlled environment. There is no way the original can be destroyed.

Cine film to DVD

Benefits Of The Service

Since eight of films have a different, very unique format, their conversion to DVD transfers requires a unique process as well. You will need to choose a professional DVD transfer company which specializes in creating film to DVD transfers. These companies have established and tested techniques and processes which have been used successfully over the years. These DVD transfer companies have worked with this particular film format for many years and have developed special techniques which ensure the high quality of the resulting DVD. This quality is essential in the preservation of the original film.


There are two types of Cine to DVD transfer companies. Some specialize in providing both film to DVD conversions, while others only produce film conversions. When looking for a quality film to DVD transfer company, look for a company that specializes in both film conversion services and film preservation services. By combining these two separate services, you will be assured of the highest level of professional service, as well as guaranteed results.


You will find that the Cine to DVD transfer to DVD service is simple to use. The process consists of creating a DVD disc, which is then delivered to the company. Once they receive the DVD disc, they will scan the film into the computer system, and after converting the film to an acceptable format, they will produce a quality DVD that can be used as a backup.

The Conversion Process

The Cine to DVD transfer to DVD conversion process will allow you to keep your film, without having to pay any extra money to have it converted. and stored. This means no more trips to the cinema to rent a duplicate copy, as well as no more trips back to the film studios to store a new copy.

Our view of the entire process is that it is an excellent way through which you can preserve and maintain old media . Adapting to new technologies is very important and it is likely that in the near future that we will see more changes that could bring to us even more advanced technologies to enjoy.